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MANLY DESIRES AND HEROIC DREAMS – A novel. Click here to read a selection. “Nick Taylor is a successful Chicago advertising executive who finds himself back at his patriarchal homestead. He’s in the middle of a divorce, failing at work, and falling hard into a midlife crisis, but with the sudden death of his twin brother, his story quickly becomes a tragicomic dispatch from a place that is neither south nor north, nor east nor west. It is from a place that is kept low by the winds of change. It is from a place that overflows with manly desires and heroic dreams.”

New novel coming soon. Click here to read the opening pages.

Sample Feature Screenplays: BLOODY WILLIAMSON (Nicholl semifinalist, based on the 1922 Herrin Massacre) /PARIS WINGS (drama) / MILLER’S TALE (action) / THE LIES OF OTHERS (drama/action)

Sample Short Prose: The Problem with Paying Attention (essay) / Spielberg Almost Hired Me To Shoot Schindler’s List (personal essay) / Zack and Miri Make Me Sad (my last film review)


THE PAST IS NEVER DEAD – A 2019 feature documentary available on Amazon Prime. Director and Producer. “A documentary on the wrongful conviction of David Robinson and his eighteen-year struggle to prove his innocence. It details the devastating effects wrongful convictions have on not just the innocent but of their family and community.”

Sample commercials as Director: Pella Windows and Wounded WarriorsMaxwell House and NASCARAT&T Inspiration Break


Medical: Print + Video, Colonoscopy script / Restaurant: Print + Video / Financial: print one and twoSTIHL USA script